PayMore Stores will beat any current website mail in quote or trade in quote from an established retail chain. We pride ourselves in “PayingMore” for your electronics, and giving you fair market value, every time.

Sell Electronics for Cash

PayMore Stores is the best way to recycle old electronic devices and to get cash for them at the same time!  PayMore Stores allows you to turn in your old laptop, cell phone, iPod, MP3 player or other electronic or handheld device and receive cash on the spot.  Instead of mailing in your electronics and waiting weeks for your payment, you can walk into any PayMore Store and get cash instantly.

PayMore Stores began in 2011 and has swept the country as the fastest and best way to get cash for used cell phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics.  The market for used electronics is not very large, as the technology changes so quickly that most people prefer to buy new devices.  Therefore, a used cell phone or laptop may not have much value in a private sale.  However, PayMore Stores will offer top dollar for used electronic items and pay you cash in hand for them instantly.

Broken Gadgets? OK at PayMore Stores!

Even if your electronic item is broken, damaged or not working, you can still turn it in to PayMore Stores for cash. PayMore Stores has a large network of vendors who are willing to pay top dollar for used electronics, so PayMore Stores can pass these profits on to the customer in the form of the highest possible prices for these items. Even if they are water-damaged, broken or unchargeable, PayMore Stores can find a buyer and will offer cash for used devices.

Protecting the Environment While Making A Profit

PayMore Stores not only offers cash for used electronics but also offers a way for those who are disposing of devices to do so properly.  Recent studies suggest that the exploding rate of electronic waste may be having a negative impact on the soil and water around landfills as certain chemicals leak from discarded electronics.  This leaching of chemicals into the ground and water supplies could, ultimately, result in serious pollution problems for the planet.

PayMore Stores offers an alternative to dangerous disposal practices for electronics.  Instead of tossing that old cell phone or laptop, PayMore Stores can help you dispose of it properly, even if the device is worthless in terms of a sale.

PayMore Stores is ready to help you get top dollar for your used electronics, even if they are damaged or broken.  Come in to PayMore Stores and find out how easy it is to get cash for your used electronic devices!

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